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At the beginning of each business cooperation with sellers and renters of real estate broker real estate sets the standard collection of all relevant data in agreement with the owner on the spot. In this way, our agents in the field the best acquainted with the property, its immediate surroundings, as well as the advantages and disadvantages that the same offers, its location and the surrounding terrain. When visiting the property, the agent of your perceptual experience detects special photographs in high resolution, and the same images after processing to best suit the web offer a standardized size, sharpness and contrast, while all the other necessary documents as title deeds, plans, land book copies, energy and other similar certificates, permits and the like gaining insight directly from the owner, and thus authenticates really descriptive and state properties.

When all the necessary information about completed, it is forwarded to our IT professionals who are carefully complement the technical annexes and are sold to broker real estate website where they will meet with new potential owner.

Broker real estate website is updated every day under the watchful eye of our IT team, so that every day can find something new, interesting and different to offer similar agencies that appear on the market. Therefore, the daily research of our website, our future clients can always come across some interesting new property, possession or useful information in a newsletter of the top deals, offers week, and new opportunities and potential collaborations.

Broker real estate has accurate information in real time and as such it offers to its clients, offering them the chance to reach the most interesting championship buying real estate in one of the most desirable locations in Croatia.

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