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Category: Pro service

Need furniture for your villas, apartments or houses? We will connect to our furniture makers who will provide you consultation on how to choose the right furniture for your home, apartment or villa. When in need for equipment and furniture for your villas, houses or apartments, Broker real estate is again here for you to help you with advice and connect you with our experienced partners, showrooms and furniture makers. Our partners will, in consultation with you, equip the entire living space of your property using traditional and modern elements putting special emphasis on the design.

The mission and vision of our partners is to remain reliable strategic partner that meets the requirements of customers and clients through continuous monitoring of market trends, improvement of production and monitoring of design trends.
Focused towards a high level of satisfaction of their customers, our partners are paying a lot of attention equip, furnish and refine your living and working space with creative designs at reasonable prices.
Our partners are at your disposal with their advice, ideas and detailed information about the products. Because of direct business with factories they are able to deliver high quality furniture at affordable and competitive prices.
Diverse, high-quality products at competitive prices and professional service are characteristics by which today all of them are recognized in the market.
All our partners are doing their best to keep the reputation that they have gained and justify the quality of what they offer in order to keep their clients, customers and suppliers.

Reasons to equip at our partners:
1. Always reasonable and competitive prices.
2. Long tradition and experience.
3. Well informed and friendly sales staff.
4. Fast delivery and quality installers with extensive experience

In addition to furniture offer our partners' offer also include ceramics, sanitary, flooring and lighting so you will be able to find everything you need in one place.

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We find that the discretion sales are important as a form of asset protection and business image of our client vendor, who often decide just for this service and thus wanting to take their property, do not advertise generalized promotional channels, but only on our site. See more

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