Buying property

Buying property

Find out how you can buy property in Croatia. The latest rules and conditions of purchase. Who can buy property as a natural person, who must open a business to buy a property. See more

What to buy?

What to buy

Consult with our experts to help you in making a decision, whether to buy a building plot, dilapidated house or a new and completed villa. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. See more

Renovate property

Renovate property

A team of experienced architects, engineers and builders will help you. Our professional staff will help you renovate, equip or build from the beginning according to your wishes and conditions. See more

Legal assistance

Legal assistance

It is difficult for you to find reliable and professionally qualified person, we have selected just such for your safety, which will make your decisions easier and safer. See more

Over 20,000 Real Estates in Croatia for the sale

Real Estates in Croatia for the sale Broker real estate is the lead agency for asset management in the area of ​​the eastern Adriatic coast. Through high-quality work with a long experience and tradition of over 25 years, every day we are expanding our business network, allowing our customers a wide range of choice of exclusive real estate in one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world.

With over 20 000 properties, we believe that we can comply with any request, thanks to the unsurpassed network of partners, private sellers and renters. Through this network we have access to the best real estate that can be found on the market in the most amazing and the most desirable locations in Croatia.

In our rich offer includes modern villas, signed by respected architects, who are in the planning and design using the best materials, combined with high environmental and energy standards. Same villas are built on a number of interesting sites, so we have those along the coast, with interesting spill-over pools and an idyllic view of the open sea, and those villas located on the hills which offer beautiful panoramic views of the archipelago, unique on a world level .

Besides the villa, we offer luxury apartments, lavishly equipped for staying and eating pleasures that wear summer days, just like the rest of the year.

Real Estates in Croatia for the sale 2

In addition, interested buyers who explore our offer can also come across gems of Dalmatia and old stone houses, completely renovated and adapted to measure, also in locations that are breathtaking. These old houses, allow full connectivity with the local way of life and as such are highly desirable for rounding emotions that Dalmatia as such offers. Some of these properties provide complete isolation from the world, the beautiful islands on the third narazvedenijoj coast of the world, with a private sand and pebble beaches, crystal clear water and beautiful nature.

Besides renovated stone house, housekeeping always keep those that are yet to be renovated, thus leaving a huge space for our customers to rearrange them according to your own wishes and preferences.

Rounding out the offer, a real estate broker has a great range of family houses in a quiet area suitable for family life with access to all major amenities that today's people are needed for life and housing for singles and families with children. So we identify a range of small office, to huge flats in urban areas with creative differences that each individually offers.

Real Estates in Croatia for the sale 3
Summarizing the above, the real estate broker is the best choice for the search for living space, a reliable partner, who will always ready to engage their available resources to meet the supply and demand of its clients through a professional approach and expertise of a team of young and competent staff.
Our unbeatable offer, and the ability and willingness to resolve each inquiry, our agency puts at the top asset management along the entire coastal area of ​​the Croatian part of the Adriatic.

Over 20,000 properties

Over 20,000 properties

With over 20 000 properties, we believe that we can comply with any request, thanks to the unsurpassed network of partners, private sellers and renters. Through this network we have access to the best Croatia real estate that can be found on the market in the most amazing and the most desirable locations in Croatia. See more

Discrete sales

Discrete sales

We find that the discretion sales are important as a form of asset protection and business image of our client vendor, who often decide just for this service and thus wanting to take their property, do not advertise generalized promotional channels, but only on our site. See more

Top Croatia agents

Top Croatia agents

Members portal Croestate are the highest quality agencies and agents for mediation in property sales. All are certified and licensed for real estate mediation. Avoid illegal and unprofessional agencies. See more

Newest information

Newest information

Information and real estate data are updated on a daily basis. Our IT specialists enter new data and information which enable you the most accurate information about real estate... See more


These are the answers to your frequently asked questions, feel free to contact us or come to our office for any other questions or concerns.

1. Can foreigners buy property in Croatia?

There is a difference between EU citizens and non EU citizens. EU citizens, natural and legal persons, can purchase real estate in Croatia under the same conditions as Croatian citizens. Non Eu citizens, natural and legal persons, can buy real estate according to reciprocity principle and they need to seek the approval from Ministry of justice of Republic of Croatia.

2. What taxes I have to pay when buying real estate in Croatia?

Property tax in Croatia is 3 % of tax office property estimate. It is payed by the Buyer and only once.

3. What is the best time of year to go to Croatia?

Croatia has a mild climate, so it is very nice to make a visit anytime. However, the best period to buy is between October and December, and than April to June. As a tourists country, during the summer many properties are rented thus more difficult to arrange visits of real estate.

4. What is the best place in Croatia to buy a villa?

First row to the sea is always a win-win situation. Regarding the location: along the coast from Dubrovnik to Zadar, and from Middle Dalmatian islands the most likeable are Brač, Hvar, Šolta, Vis, Korčula and peninsula Pelješac.

5. How do I find a house for rent in Split Croatia?

Split is more of an apartment place, thus easier to rent apartment for a long term . However, it is possible to find a villa for a long term rent. As lease is always unpredictable, and situation changes quickly, it is always the best solution to contact an agency to see what is currently on the market and available.

6. Is now a good time to invest in the Croatian real estate market?

Real estate market in Croatia is very vivid last years, and still rising, so it is definitely good period to invest and get a satisfying ROI.

7. What is OIB and why do I need it?

In english it is 'PIN' that stands for 'personal identity number' and it is needed for any contract. It is unique for each person, Croatian or foreigner, and is used as unique identifier in various official records.

8. Can I pay in foreign currency when buying real estate in Croatia?

All payments of real estate must be in national currency, which is HRK. However, any payment in foreign currencies will be converted into kuna.