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Over 20,000 properties

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Discrete sales

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Top Croatia agents

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FAQ - Croatia Luxury Villas

These are the answers to your frequently asked questions, feel free to contact us or come to our office for any other questions or concerns.

1. Which are the best luxury villas in Croatia situated on islands?

The greatest interest are luxury villas located in the first row to the sea, with a beautiful beach in front, open sea view, a minimum of 4 bedrooms, 2 or more floors, swimming pool, garage or parking space. Luxury villas in Croatia have landscaped surroundings and are usually new or newer built properties, but also on Croatian islands you can find old stone villas that are renovated to modern standards.

2. What two things do you need to consider when buying luxury villas in Croatia?

Two important things when buying luxury villas on the islands are location and connection to the mainland as some more remote islands have only one or two daily ferry lines to the mainland.

3. Which Croatian luxury villas are the best for large gatherings or families?

The best Croatian luxury villas for large gatherings or families are villas with a larger living area of at least 4 bedrooms on 2 or more floors, with accompanying facilities in the garden such as swimming pool, sun deck, barbecue, children's and sports facilities. Also as an option, there are also smaller buildings with luxury apartments in Croatia where each family can have its own apartment but share a yard and common areas like a swimming poll or barbecue.

4. Where in Croatia are the most affordable luxury villas by the sea located?

Croatian real estate is expensive in the coastal and island area compared to continental cities and remote urban areas. Prices of luxury villas in Croatia are usually lower on less popular islands or destinations as popular places bring higher demand for properties which naturally raises prices of real estate in those locations so in less popular destinations you can enjoy same beautiful sea and nature but for more affordable price.