Croatia, Kastela - Building plot, first row to the sea
Dalmatian coast

Ref. : 2040/31, Land plot Sale

Selling price:860.000 €

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Location: Kastela
  • First row to the sea
  • Sea view
  • Best offer
  • Exclusive sale

Land space: 1424
Distance from sea: 30 m


Attractive building plot, first row to the sea opposite the promenade, Kaštela location. The land is rectangular in shape, with an area of 1424 m2, according to the Urban Plan, residential and commercial construction is permitted (M1).

What can be built on this plot in Kaštel Sućurac.

The spatial plan in force is GUP Kaštela, zone M1 (mixed, predominantly residential), built-up construction area. The types of residential construction are: smaller residential building (up to 400 m2 gross surface area and up to 4 apartments), smaller multi-residential building (more than 400 m2 and 5-8 apartments) and larger multi-residential building (9 or more apartments, in locations planned for POS or residential neighborhood on land up to 10,000 m2).

If we ignore smaller residential buildings, it is possible to build 2-4 smaller multi-apartment buildings (each with 5-8 apartments). The maximum area under the above-ground part of the building can be up to 250 m2.

The land area of 1424 m2 can be divided into:

a) four parcels with an area of less than 350 m2 (built-up area 35%, storey Po+P+2+N (3 above-ground floors and superstructure of the area up to 40% of the floor below), BRPN=3x122.5+49=416.5 m2, up to 7 apartments (35-40 m2), it is necessary to realize 9 PM in the basement garage and outdoors). In total we have 7x4=28 apartments and BRPN=4x416.5=1666 m2. These are smaller (one-room) apartments.

b) three parcels = two as under a) and one with an area of 700 m2 (larger than 500 m2, so the built-up area is 30%, BRPN=3x210+84=714 m2, up to 8 apartments 65-75 m2). In total, we have 7x2+8=22 apartments of different sizes and floor area=2x416.5+714=1547 m2.

c) two parcels with an area of about 700 m2 (built-up area 30%, BRPN=3x210+84=714 m2, up to 8 apartments 65-75 m2). In total, we have 8+8=16 apartments 65-75 m2 and BRPN=714x2=1428 m2.

So, if we have more smaller buildings, we get more gross surface area, more smaller apartments, but also more building permits. The underground part can be connected to a common garage, so that we have one ramp and one road entrance (a more economical solution). The vehicular entrance must be from a lower street (ie from Rimski put, from the north), which must be 5.5 m wide and have sidewalks on both sides.

Location description
Kaštela (pronounced [kǎʃtɛla]) is an agglomeration of seven small towns in Croatia, located northwest of the city of Split, west of Solin and east of Trogir, on the central Dalmatian coast. They are part of the Split-Dalmatia County and are administratively treated as a single city with a total population of 38,667 as of 2011 census - although they individually range in size from 3,000 to 7,000 residents.

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